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my inner goddess says ‘oh my’

I realized that I never posted any of my statue of liberty pictures. The shame.

Or my graduation. Double shame.

My current playlist titled “July 2012”, for obvious reasons, is as follows:

It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
Ho Hey – The Lumineers
Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
Even if it Breaks a Heart – Eli Young Band
Give Your Heart a Break – Demi Lovato
As Long as You Love Me – Justin Bieber
Above the Water – Rocky Votolato
Take a Walk (The M Machine Remix) – Passion Pit
Lost in My Mind – The Head and the Heart
Gold on the Ceiling – The Black Keys
Hold On – Alabama Shakes

…yes I am an equal opportunity employer.

Current Dislikes:
– The winner of Design Star
– The fact that I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey

Oh and this…












Current Likes:
– The winner of Food Network Star
– The fact that I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey

Oh and this…












Worlds most random post? Perhaps. But I’m sure I’ll outdo myself in the future.

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey,

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and it feels like i am just too close to love you

There’s a story of a lovely lady..

Who was bringing up four very lovely pets.

One of them had hair of gold, like their mother.

The youngest one in curls.



This song is featured in an Internet Explorer commercial. I literally watched it and thought “Why don’t I use Internet Explorer, it’s so cool?” I am gullible. I am ashamed. But I am addicted to this song during my car rides too and from the library and internship.

Marcia and Cindy,

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i’ll be your number one with a bullet, a loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

What do I do when I’m avoiding the inevitable trip to the library to do homework?

Well first I simply must drink 3 cups of coffee.

Then I must read the entire User’s Manual for the D5100.

Logically compiling April mix tapes follows, which segues right into my Top Five Favorite Albums. Keep in mind this is not necessarily favorite songs or bands, although they can go hand in hand. Furthermore this list does not include any Greatest Hits albums.

Now that the logistics are out of the way…

1) North – Something Corporate

I used to listen to this entire album on repeat when I would paint. Back when my greatest worry was whether or not I had a 4 or 5 hour work shift at the gym, and if my roommates would remember to unload the dishwasher. Those were the days! My school schedule consisted of Creative Writing and Yoga, and I had time to belt out “As You Sleep” while eating Chinese takeout.

2) Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morisette

I wanted this album so bad when it came out. My dear mother I mean the Easter Bunny put it in my Easter basket when I was in 5th grade. That. Was. So. Cool. I put it in my sweet boom box on my dresser and meticulously memorized all the lyrics, even the cuss words. My dad enjoyed “Hand in my Pocket”, so I can attest to driving around in his Mustang appreciating the lyrical rhyme juxtaposition

3) Under the Cork Tree – Fall Out Boy

I remember when I bought this I didn’t even think I would like it. I just liked their weird music video with the deer. Then I realized it was clever writing, and Stump had a sweet voice. Wentz was odd, but I could forgive the band for that. Any band that can cleverly compare bed post notches, and lines in songs, is alright with me.

4) Riot! – Paramore

Similar to Under the Cork Tree, Riot! has clever lyrics and Hayley has an amazing voice. I’m a sucker for these two combined together. Call it my Peanut Butter and Jelly combination. Plus “crushcrushcrush” reminded me of another bitter female song I enjoyed so much, “You Outta Know.”

5) Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie

Oddly enough I like to listen to this when I run. I’m a fan of this albums calming effect, and “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” is a favorite of mine. My husband always asks me if I’m depressed when I listen to this, but he is just a naysayer.

So with that, here’s some old ear candy to crunch on. I guess I woke up with a new month to greet me, and I wanted to revert back to old music.

April 2012 Mix Tape

Seasons – Good Charlotte
You’re So Last Summer -Taking Back Sunday
Silver and Cold – A.F.I.
Cute Without The ‘E’ – Taking Back Sunday
At Your Funeral – Saves The Day
Don’t Be So Hard – The Audition
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t – Brand New
Alive With The Glory Of Love – Say Anything
My Friend’s Over You – New Found Glory
Number Five With A Bullet – Taking Back Sunday
There’s No ‘I’ In Team – Taking Back Sunday
Let It Enfold You – Senses Fail
Jude Law and a Semester Abroad – Brand New
Best of Me – The Starting Line
The Leaving Song, Pt. 2 – A.F.I.
Mixed Tape – Brand New

Not Iconic and Perhaps Ironic,

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but i’m stuck in colder weather

Birthday lessons…

1) I’m too old to drink shots…especially 2 in a row.

2) Charity events usually have really good food.

3) Bringing your dog into random businesses isn’t a problem, as long as you act unapproachable so that no one questions you on your blindness.

*It’s currently a snowy day, so I must bundle myself up under a blanket, eat leftover birthday cake, and keep Eleanor from eating speaker wires.

Cake and Candles,

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gomez or gaga

Eleanor has two favorite songs.

I say her favorite song is Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez, and Beetle says it’s Marry the Night by Lady Gaga. Either way Eleanor has incredible taste, even though these songs have two very different messages. Either Eleanor wants to lace up her boots, throw on some leather and cruise or she wants to keep hittin’ repeat -peat-peat-peat-peat. 

At the end of the day Eleanor wiggles to them both.

Who’s Eleanor?

Don’t you dare judge her. She’s just not very photogenic, but she’s got a great personality.

Furthermore, my February mix tape is growing and growing. Never mind the fact that February is over half way over. Details, details.

February Mix Tape

Grouplove – Slow
Passion Pit – Sleepy Head
Taylor Swift – Safe & Sound
The Kooks – Seaside
Grouplove – Goldcoast
Metric – Sick Muse
The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow
Air Traffic Controller – Bad Axe, MI
Grouplove – Tongue Tied
Matt Costa – Behind the Moon

Also, when it comes to music, can I rant about how depressing it is that Katy Perry’s new horrible song about her bitter divorce is #1 on iTunes. Meanwhile women like Adele and Whitney Houston are 2 and 3.

Also, have we all forgotten that Chris Brown assaulted a woman?  That’s worthy of a Grammy?

Lastly, Nicki Minaj sucks. Period.

Sticks and Stones,

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just because i stay home on a saturday night doesn’t mean i’m a loser

There are two things that absolutely must be noted at this time,

1) I just got married.

2) I sort of definitely think my dogs are cooler than most people.





























Now that I’ve cleared the air, these two songs currently make up my January 2012 Mix Tape.

Yes I still say Mix Tape. It’s completely acceptable because Wikipedia, the most accurate encyclopedia to reference, says a “mix tape usually reflects the musical tastes of its compiler, it can range from a casually selected list of favorite songs, to a conceptual mix of songs linked by a theme or mood, to a highly personal statement tailored to the tape’s intended recipient.”

In my old age my mix tape’s refer to the month I intend to listen to them in. Deep.

Pugs and Kisses,


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