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don’t be cra cra

Current likes:

1) Some new dresses I ordered off of Modcloth.













2) My new jewelry holder…(thank you husband for hanging my antlers for me).
















3) This obnoxious video, that in reality isn’t even that funny, but I literally laugh out loud when I see it. If this makes me weird I’m prepared for that label.

Current dislikes:

1) People who say “Cra” instead of Crazy (check out 0.38, well I mean you could watch the whole thing if you really wanted to, but I don’t want to foster stupidity)

2) The fact that I can’t Gleek out this week. (Am I the only one who feels like this show is never on?)












Enough nonsense. I must go watch more Big Bang Theory re-runs. I’m that cool.

Sheldon and Leonard,

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