is the tassle worth the hassle

Last night I sat on the couch and knitted. Intensely.

A month ago I proclaimed that I wished I was homeless because school was stressing me out. To which my friend wisely said, “I’m worried about you!”

When watching Jackass re-runs I can’t help but think they are being incredibly irresponsible and destructive for no reason.

For the past three weeks in a row, The Voice has made me cry. Especially the sandwich guy and his complete and utter happiness for his opponent’s win during the battle round.

Just this week, Eleanor (the pug), has started growling and barking at a corner in my room. I instatneously jump to the conclusion that my room is haunted by a ghost puppy.

Last night I listened to an entire Justin Bieber song, and then proclaimed, “It’s not that bad.”

What does this all mean?

Perhaps I’m slowly losing my marbles….like this guy.

However, in his defense, I am utterly impressed and entertained by this YouTube Video which I think suggests something about my sanity right now.

Yesterday I bought my cap and gown for graduation. The gentleman who sold me my overpriced apparel was so chipper. He proclaimed he planned to attend graduate school in the coming years. My head said, “Only do that if you want to have no life, be exhausted all the time, and pay money to work for free!” But my heart said, “Oh that’s great, good luck!” Who am I to crush the dreams of others. May 18th cannot come soon enough. 50 Days…not that I’m counting.

Degrees and Fees,




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