are you sure you’re okay? you’re walking like a disney witch

In my humble opinion there have been some really good new television shows this season. So good in fact they may warrant their own post, but for now I plan to list them along with what keeps me coming back to that glorious little light box called a television to tune in.

New Girl is the Cat’s Pajamas.

Hello Jess~

We may be long lost besties.

1) I enjoy wearing fun dresses too

2) I had Disney characters on my checks (not baby farm animals, but equally amazing I think)

3) Um Glasses…awesome

4) I had a serious relationship with knitting at one point as well

5) I thoroughly enjoy being comforted by a warm blanket on my lap

Once Upon a Time is the Sardine’s Whiskers.
I am loving this show right now. I love trying to figure out who each person in Storybrooke actually is in the Fairy Tale world. It is a total guilty pleasure that brings me back to my childhood. I can imagine I’m watching all of my favorite Disney classics again, only reimagined. I was especially intrigued by the Snow White and Prince Charming tale at first but now they are painting them into adulterers. Which in their defense certainly is a different way to look at it.
Dear ABC~
There is one thing I absolutely must address: Please stop referencing Rumpelstiltskin, he’s creepy. I don’t like how he’s always around. Fix that.
Smash is the Clam’s Garters.
When I saw the previews for this I was skeptical. However, like the doting American I am, I watched the Pilot. I loved it.
Katherine McPhee was lukewarm on my list of actresses, but now I kind of like her. Blame it on my upcoming trip to NY, or  my love of dancing, or perhaps it was the Broadwayified Helvetica show title. Regardless, if you’re not watching this start immediately.
ABC and NBC,
 Fun fact of the day:
“The cat’s pajamas” does indeed mean “the hottest new thing” or “great, wonderful”. According to Stuart Berg Flexner’s “Listening to America” (1982), “the cat’s pajamas” was one of a number of nonsense phrases invented in the flapper period, often on the template of combining an animal, the more unlikely the better, with a part of the human body or an article of clothing. Thus “the cat’s pajamas” seems to have inspired a rash of similar phrases also meaning “excellent,” including “the bee’s knees,” “the clam’s garters,” “the eel’s ankles,” “the gnat’s elbow,” “the pig’s wings” and my personal fave, “the sardine’s whiskers.” While none of these phrases or dozens of other have any intrinsic logic (don’t go looking for an eel’s ankle, in other words), the formula does have the advantage of nearly infinite variation, and one can easily imagine a hipster of the day poring over zoology textbooks in search of ever more exotic species with which to wow the gang. Courtesy of The Word Detective
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