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my idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus and of a famous person

So I’m not famous, but my pictures are in focus. According to Andy Warhol I get a gold star next to the effort category.

Picture collages have been all over the internet. Like here:

I’ve been wanting to do one for a long time, so with a little organization and planning, I was finally able to construct mine earlier this week.

What you’ll need:
Frames in varying sizes
Tape Measure


I tried to plan everything out by setting up an outline on the ground. However, I found that working from the center picture, and then out was effective. Just remember to keep the same distance between each picture, mine was about 1″. In the end my wall got a makeover, and some of my wedding pictures found a home.

Canon and Nikon,


i am the cute one, she’s just my sister

“You know that point in your life when you realize the house you grew up in isn’t really your home anymore?” Why yes Andrew Largeman, yes I do.

More importantly, isn’t it depressing the day you realize your parents don’t know everything.
For me that day was long ago, and I’ve been trying to recuperate ever since.

Amongst this chaos the Beetle and I found each other.

You see the Beetle and I weren’t always besties.

In fact I think we kind of despised each other. High School is a tricky time for all…right? Anyway, at some point we decided that hanging out with each other was pretty legit.

We could help each other maneuver our parents and talk about how cute our jackets were at the same time.

I’m pretty sure the rest of our family thinks we’re weird, after all we can’t definitively pick a hair length or color.































So Beetle, here are ten reasons you’ve become the beats on the streets…

1) If we were to get into a gang fight in an alley, you’d be there to spout off obscenities and attempt to throw punches.

2) You’re the only person that truly wants to understand the saying, “the cheese stands alone”.

3) You’re the only person who understands me when I make Homeward Bound or Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen references.

4) You like to watch Lifetime while drinking wine.

5) You are petrified of ghosts like me, yet you record Celebrity Ghost Stories, and Ghost Adventures.

6) You think wearing sparkly shoes is awesome.

7) Your road rage is even worse than mine.

8) If the only thing to watch on TV was music videos you’d have no complaints.

9) You like my bear sweater (which by the way other people made fun of me for).

10) You really want to get one of those princess crowns with the ribbon coming down the back from the fair….and wear it around.

Keep on keeping on.

Spice Girls and Barney,

p.s. My pug just farted on me.

p.p.s. What up Papalaroogoo! Happy day of birth!


gym. tan. laundry.

I watch shows that no grown woman should ever watch.

I bet you didn’t know that Silver is dating the recently divorced man who adopted Adriana’s baby, that Snooki is denying cheating on Gianni with The Situation, that Blair is still in love with Chuck and feels like she can’t be with him because of a promise she made to God, or that “A” was harassing Allison before she ever texted Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily.

It’s weird. I consider myself a smart person. I generally enjoy, what I would argue, are good movies. I try to read thought provoking books. Yet somehow I drop the ball when it comes to primetime entertainment.

There was a glimmer of hope when I started investing my time into American Horror Story. However, everyone died, and a giant intellectual void formed when the season finale aired. True story: the show gave me nightmares, but at least I was questioning and thinking about more than where the clothes were from.

Song of the day:

Baby Girls and Eels,



don’t be cra cra

Current likes:

1) Some new dresses I ordered off of Modcloth.













2) My new jewelry holder…(thank you husband for hanging my antlers for me).
















3) This obnoxious video, that in reality isn’t even that funny, but I literally laugh out loud when I see it. If this makes me weird I’m prepared for that label.

Current dislikes:

1) People who say “Cra” instead of Crazy (check out 0.38, well I mean you could watch the whole thing if you really wanted to, but I don’t want to foster stupidity)

2) The fact that I can’t Gleek out this week. (Am I the only one who feels like this show is never on?)












Enough nonsense. I must go watch more Big Bang Theory re-runs. I’m that cool.

Sheldon and Leonard,

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whistle while you work

It’s a lazy Sunday.




















Well I just finished reading the latest book by my favorite author.











It was ok. I can’t wait for the Lifetime movie. Yeah I’ll watch it…as long as Tara Reid isn’t in it. In all honesty I think his best book was The Virgin Suicides. That movie = depressing, so don’t let that be your judgement meter. Sofia I love your wine, but your movies require a trip to Disneyland afterwards in order to recover.












Just don’t get starstruck when you see Snow White, and then have your husband take a picture of you with her strategically in the background instead of next to you.

Football and Pizza,

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just because i stay home on a saturday night doesn’t mean i’m a loser

There are two things that absolutely must be noted at this time,

1) I just got married.

2) I sort of definitely think my dogs are cooler than most people.





























Now that I’ve cleared the air, these two songs currently make up my January 2012 Mix Tape.

Yes I still say Mix Tape. It’s completely acceptable because Wikipedia, the most accurate encyclopedia to reference, says a “mix tape usually reflects the musical tastes of its compiler, it can range from a casually selected list of favorite songs, to a conceptual mix of songs linked by a theme or mood, to a highly personal statement tailored to the tape’s intended recipient.”

In my old age my mix tape’s refer to the month I intend to listen to them in. Deep.

Pugs and Kisses,


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boom shalack-alack, boom shalack-alack

So here’s the thing…we think we are hilarious. Luckily, we’ve decided all of this needed a place to be documented. We will enjoy this, we hope you do to.


Mermaids and Unicorns,

Beetle and Swan

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